Life can throw challenging situations in your path which you may find overwhelming. Or perhaps you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour which you would like to change. Through counselling, you can make time to explore thoughts and feelings that are too difficult to deal in the course of your routine, day-to-day life.


The relationship between you and the counsellor is central to the counselling process; working closely in a respectful, trusting relationship with a qualified counsellor can help to change the way you think or behave. I will not give advice, but will use my skills to help you focus on the issues that are important to you.


Counselling can help in many ways. Giving expression to thoughts and feelings related issues you are struggling to cope with may:

  • - offer up a greater self-awareness
  • - increase confidence in your own decision-making
  • - improve the way you relate to people around you
  • - solve a current problem
  • - deal with life’s particularly challenging events such as bereavement
  • - resolve an issue from your earlier life
  • - consider all options available to you.